"Beer turns thurst into a beautiful thing," goes an old German saying ... And thus it is, especially if the beer is a German brew, sublimely crafted and perfected over centuries, even millennia. Germany has one of the oldest beer traditions and greatest beer varieties in the world (for the history of German beer click here).

Though made from just four ingredients — malt, hops, yeast and water — German beers come in all decriptions: From mild to strong, from straw-blond to jet-black, from assertive to delicate, from robust to sublime, from seductive to matter-of-fact, from elegant to earthy, from racy to substantial ... And they all taste absolutely magnificient. There are about 1,200 breweries in Germany producing over 5,000 brands of beer in some two dozen major beer styles scores of mostly regional styles.

Fortunately for beer lovers around the world, many of these breweries export their beers to near and far, including the New World. These breweries have now come together on these pages of the German Beer Institute to provide you with a complete guide to Germany's unique varietal beers. If you are a novice to German beer, click here for a quick beginner's guide. For a handy glossary of German beer terms, click here.

We hope you will find this website interesting, informative and easy-to-use—the perfect link between the perfect beer and the perfect beer experience. We invite you to browse, to learn and above all to enjoy.



Illustrations courtesy of the German Brewers Federation


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For a beginner's primer on German beer click here.

For a glossary of German beer terms click here.

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Illustration (top) courtesy of the German Brewers Federation